The Benchwarmers 3/8/2016 WADA Dick Pound

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The Benchwarmers 3/8/2016 WADA Dick Pound

On this edition of The Benchwarmers with Darnz and Brad

  • Darnz gets ass beat in the Dominican Republic, and Brad went to Vega
  • Malik Jackson signs $90 million deal, find out with which team
  • Demarco Murray traded to Tennessee Titans
  • Who do the Dallas Cowboys need at RB?
  • RG3 gets cut, is he a Prima Donna?
  • Professor Brad explains what a Prima Donna is to Darnz
  • Should Peyton Manning have retired as a Colt?
  • Saul’s report on the craziest MLS finish in history Orlando City Lions
  • Darnz top 5: Best women athletes
  • The Benchwarmer’s pick for the International Women’d Day, 2x Coach of the Year: Courtney Lundy
  • Maria Sharapova gets suspended by the President of WADA, Dick Pound for violating doping policy
  • Golf correspondent, Toby, checks in
  • Wrestlemania 33 is coming to the Orlando Citrus Bowl in 2017
  • Hulk Hogan has to reveal intimate details in court

And much more!

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