● Spieth Historic Run Ended By Photographer

There will be a playoff at the 2015 British Open, but Jordan Spieth will not be in it.

As Marc Leishman and Zach Johnson practiced on the putting green, Spieth prepared for his 102yd second shot on 18. Spieth needed to birdie the hole to join the playoff round – something Louis Oosthuizen would do one pairing later. As Spieth drew back to swing at his most important shot of the afternoon, a photographer with an itchy trigger finger suffered premature daguerreolation – stopping Spieth mid-shot and drawing the ire of caddy Michael Greller. Although Spieth tried desperately to regain his composure, his finally undisturbed second attempt to swing in peace was long. Spieth put everything into a final desperation putt, graciously attempted out of noise range of photographers, missed the cup by inches. Spieth finished his attempt at history one stroke behind the leaders at 14 under.

Spieth Historic Run Ended By PhotographerAs the three-player playoff got underway, Spieth was gracious; “We gave it a great effort. I didn’t think three guys would get to 15 under today.” Asked about his decision on 18 to go far left, Spieth stated, “I wanted to get a flat lie and it went  a little too left.”

And way too close to the peanut gallery of paparazzi, who instead of recording history would become part of a moment that would not be historical in any way.

Asked what made the shot tough for him, Spieth was to the point; “I was between clubs.”

After weeks of the added pressure, seagulls, sirens, bagpipes, and crazy weather conditions – it was one ill-timed shutter click that would break into Spieth’s otherwise flawless focus during the stretch. For Spieth, less than a week away from his 22nd birthday, the first thoughts in his mind after his putt fell short said it all:

“It was just tough.”

Spieth Historic Run Ended By Photographer