● Scary Mascot Shuts Down The Internet

A California-based investment company has created exceptional internet buzz for their newest sponsorship deal – by scaring children in Scotland.

Kingsford Capital logoYesterday, Kingsford Capital Management, LLC announced they had signed on as the new title sponsor of the Partick Thistle FC “Jags” soccer team.

Mike Wilkins, listed as Kingsford’s Managing Partner and Porfolio Manager, commissioned David Shrigley – a well-known Scottish artist AND Jags fan – to create a “unique” new logo for Kingsford that has been placed on the Jags uniforms.

JD02But wait, there’s more. The Jags now have a new mascot as well, based off of their new sponsor’s logo. It appears that the Jimmy Dean Delights spokes-sun decided to take a trip across the pond, weathered a painful cavity search at the claws of the TSA, was smacked around in the cargo bay for a few hours, missed a breakfast or twenty, and now… is very VERY MAD about the whole affair.

Say hello to Kingsley:
KingsleyThere is a disclaimer/catchphrase on the Jags homepage – “We’re Not So Cuddly Anymore”. As millions of people visit the Partick Thistle website to view the scary mascot, people who likely didn’t even know what a Partick Thistle WAS, Kingsford should be satisfied in achieving more web traffic in 24 hours to promote their sponsorship than Scottish football has logged since Mel Gibson was mauling mercenaries in the meadow.

Meanwhile, “The Kids Are NOT Alright”.
Sad boy with soccer ball