● Ronda Rousey Defeats Mayweather

Ronda Rousey rarely minces words – and Wednesday night’s ESPY awards were no exception.

Upon being awarded “Best Fighter”, Rousey had choice words for fellow award nominee Floyd Mayweather, Jr. As Cari Champion handed her the award on live television Rousey replied, “I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten by a woman for once.” Countering a claim Mayweather made in a 2014 interview that he had no idea who Rousey was – she added, “I’d like to see you pretend to not know who I am now.”

Ronda Rousey Defeats Floyd Mayweather

Rousey also accepted “Best Female Athlete” at the ESPY awards, as she took some time away from training for her defense of her UFC women’s bantamweight title against Bethe Correia in UFC 190 August 1st in Rio de Janeiro.

In a previous interview promoting UFC 190 Rousey stated, “This chick is not just getting beaten, she’s getting a learning. My Dad would call it a ‘Come To Jesus Meeting’, so I’m going all the way down to Brazil to have a ‘Come To Jesus Meeting’ with this chick. And no, I’m not going to end it quickly, but not because I can’t end it quickly – but because I choose to.”

When Rousey defeated Mayweather at the ESPY awards, she did so via quick approach.

Ronda Rousey defeats Mayweather