● FIFA Blatter To Be Emptied SOON

It appears that progress is being made towards the ACTUAL ouster of FIFA President.

Sepp BlatterThis coming Monday, the FIFA Executive Board will meet in Zurich for an “Extraordinary Meeting”. The official agenda has been posted on the FIFA website. Based on the agenda contents, it appears it will be an interesting as well as extraordinary meeting. After the normal salute the flag, pledge of allegiance stuff, there will be a report from Sepp Blatter, followed by discussion on  “reform of FIFA’s organizational structure”, and then “election of the FIFA president.”

Fans of football/soccer should NOT get their hopes up that the FIFA presidential hostage crisis will end on Day 48. The presidential discussion will likely only set a date for the election, which is rumored to have already been decided as December 16th. To clarify: December, 16th… 2015.

Monday’s extraordinary meeting will also be slightly less attended as was originally hoped, since yesterday Switzerland began the extradition to the United States of the seven FIFA officials arrested on May 27th.

FIFA Blatter To Be Emptied SOON