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Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire for Dummies Week 4

Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire for Dummies Week 4 Ahh the dreaded bye weeks are creeping upon us. This is like a family reunion, and the weirdo cousins showed up, and there’s more family on the way. This week’s weirdo cousins are the Patriots and Titans. How to play the waiver wire. If you you lost, […]

NFL Week 2, Settle down Pats Fans

NFL Week 2, here are the unspoken headlines Settle down Pats fans I get it, you’re 2-0, and Tom Brady is playing like a Greek Hero who should be chiseled out of marble. But there is one glaring issue, and that is your defense. You know the old saying. “Offense wins games, defense wins Championships.” […]

Fantasy Football:Bench, Trade, Stash

Fantasy Football:Bench, Trade, Stash When setting your lineup, there are many factors to consider. What is the match up? Where are they ranked? What is the weather? Home or away? It can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis. Well have no fear, as I have the guide to help you with these incredibly difficult decisions. It […]

Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire for Dummies Week 1

Fantasy Football: Waiver Wire for Dummies Week 1 As a seasoned Veteran, you know that your Fantasy Football success lives and dies with the waiver wire. If you are a beginner, or didn’t know that, please take this time to re-read that first sentence. Now, I don’t subscribe to the “handcuff” approach as it pertains […]

Top 5 Playoff Sleepers

Top 5 Playoff Sleepers Ahhh, it’s that time of year again. Football is finally back. And as with the tradition, there are the preseason predictions. Some might say bold, I would agree with them. Here are the top 5 playoff sleepers that could make it to the Dance. 5) Oakland Raiders Full disclosure, I am a Raiders […]