The Benchwarmers 6/28/2016 Small Headed Baby

The Benchwarmers 6/28/2016 Small Headed Baby

On this episode of The Benchwarmers:

Pat Summit Passes away at 64, Buddy Ryan passes at 82
Darnz Top 5 Buddy Ryan Quotes
Olympic Basketball Team
Darnz Predicts Durant to Knicks
How are the post-trade Magic?
Iceland beat England, Italy over Spain
Orlando City comeback
Orlando Pride loose first game
NFL investigating Al Jazeera documentary (Harrison told Roger that he had to come to his house)
State of the Bucs
Great Debate: Moss Vs. Rice
Meet your Predator: Paul Stephens
Manziel’s Attorney withdraws from case
Jason Day withdraws from Olympics. Where have all the golfers gone?
Cubs going to win World Series

The Benchwarmers 5/24/2016 NFL Flagged for Interferrence

The Benchwarmers 5/24/2016 NFL Flagged for Interference

On this edition of The Benchwarmers with Darnz and Brad

The Benchwarmers honor fallen soldiers for Memorial Day
NFL interferred with CTE research
Are we responsibile as fans?
Tyler Eifert has surgery
Pro Bowl is now in Orlando
What is going on with WWE fans?
Toronto hanging on tight
Where is Kevin Love?
Draymond Green kicks player in the manhood
NBA West predictions
Kendall from NinjaFit Gym joins the crew
Meet your Predator: Mark Lewis
Rachel from BaseCamp Children’s Cancer Foundation joins the show
NHL Playoff prediction